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The Story of Pure Cuts

We make custom wood art for Golf fanatics

Pure Cuts is a Minnesota based company, created by two golf nuts and ran by four golf enthusiasts. 


You know the old saying, home is where the heart is? Well unfortunately, our spouses vetoed our proposition to set up camp on the golf course; as a solution, Pure Cuts was born. Looking to share our passion for golf, we set out to create a product that brought golf to the home and/or office. 


Hey, it may not be the same as waking up & drinking your coffee on hole 9, but we think it’s a good compromise. 


At Pure Cuts we specialize in creating custom woodcrafted golf maps, course branding materials or special request orders with the highest quality selection of woods. The Pure Cuts product creates one-of-a-kind art for the golfer in your lives. Our love for the sport is evident in each project, as we take care to deliver a quality product that our customers are proud to display in their home, office or clubhouse. 

- Dalton, Ryan, Chris and Jill

Wood carving Northland country club.jpg
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